NFL Kicker!

App of the Day: NFL Kicker

App of the Day: NFL Kicker

Lunchtime flick-off.

Flicking games have no real right to be interesting or compelling. They're enormously repetitive, they rarely have any hidden depths beyond minor quirks in their physics systems, and the designers often seem to assume that players will give up once they hit a fairly low threshold of skill and just move on, so higher plains of achievements are usually just that: plateaus where further success is down to maintaining concentration rather than exhibiting any actual skill.

Well, some of that's true anyway. Most of it, however, is the bitter rambling of a man who has plunged more than 50 hours into Flick Kick Football by PikPok on various iPhone, iPad and Android handsets and harbours deep, deep regret.

I've been on the lookout for a suitable replacement for Flick Kick Football ever since I set my current high score (1354 - yes, I know) and deleted the game from my phone much as a guilty alcoholic pours vodka down the sink in the morning, before instructing Eurogamer's systems manager to reconfigure my PC so I can't access the App Store page to redownload it. As one of my friends on Twitter put it the other day, "I'm not allowed flicking games any more. I'm not mature enough to stop playing them." I heartily sympathise, although I am having another vodka.

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