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Mini Ninjas

Mini Ninjas

Pyjama party.

When kids learn to ride a bike, they usually have a parent trotting alongside with a guiding hand on their back. After a while, they notice the hand has gone, turn around and see that they've been riding solo without realising it. That's also how a good kids' game should work. Early handholding should slowly drop away, leaving the young player capable of feats they wouldn't have dreamt possible at the start.

Mini Ninjas, a kid-friendly offering from Hitman studio Io Interactive, has the tools to pull off this balancing act, but rather bizarrely it seldom puts them to use. There's a nifty and varied little adventure game here, but only occasionally does it peek out from under its button-mashing disguise to let you know it exists.

The story is pure kung-fu cheese. A six-strong troupe of miniature martial artists have been dispatched to bring down an enemy rather conveniently known as Evil Samurai Warlord. All but one have been captured along the way, so it falls to Hiro, the smallest of the gang, to free his pals and lead the way to victory.

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