Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops


Konami unveils new PSP game bundles

Get Metal Gear plus one other for 20 quid.

David Hayter takes on the Internet

Voice of Snake responds to reports.

Kojima lists his top five games

Is a big fan of his own work.

Limited edition MGS4 watch unveiled

Only 500 will be made. Hideo-approved.

Konami unveils new PSP game bundles

Get Metal Gear plus one other for 20 quid.

David Hayter takes on the Internet

Voice of Snake responds to reports.

Kojima lists his top five games

Is a big fan of his own work.

Limited edition MGS4 watch unveiled

Only 500 will be made. Hideo-approved.

Review | PSP Roundup

MGS Portable Ops +, Ultimate Board Game Collection, Riviera, Off Road.

MGS Portable Ops expansion

Snake's on an Internet.

Portable Ops league launches

As delayed game is released.

MGS: Portable Ops dated

End of May, says Konami.

MGS: Portable Ops pulled

Konami quiet on new date.

Lost in Blue 2, MGS PSP in May

Konami concretes spring dates.

MGS Portable Ops PAL bonuses

And it's out in April.

Review | Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Is that a Snake in your pocket? (Sorry.)

Metal Gear PSP to get sequel?

Producer reckons so.

Special MGS camo edition PSP

Out in Japan in December.

MGS4 trailer at Leipzig

Five total from Kojima studio.