Lord of Ultima


EGX | EA shutting down Lord of Ultima

Ho ho not Richard Garriott, silly.

SpellForce dev EA Phenomic shuts down

German RTS specialist no more.

Garriott "open" to working on new Ultima

But EA is not "particularly interested".

EA looking at Lord of Ultima security

Following hacked player accounts.

EGX | EA shutting down Lord of Ultima

Ho ho not Richard Garriott, silly.

SpellForce dev EA Phenomic shuts down

German RTS specialist no more.

Garriott "open" to working on new Ultima

But EA is not "particularly interested".

EA looking at Lord of Ultima security

Following hacked player accounts.

Lord of Ultima goes live

Kingdom-building MMO is free.

Lord of Ultima enters open beta

Browser-based, city-building strategy.