Jeanne D'Arc

Jeanne D'Arc

Jeanne D'Arc

Sacre bleu.

The Independent recently reported on a survey's findings that 50% of the British public do not believe in the historical reality of William Wallace. The same survey revealed 57% of UK citizens think King Arthur was real, 27% are convinced Sherwood Forest really was once darkened by a Robin Hood, while a small, but endearingly hopeful 5% believe Conan the Barbarian actually existed. One percent (that's around 607, 762 people if we do the maths for you) apparently believe the TV series Xena the Warrior Princess is a biopic.

Far more terrifyingly than all of this, 11% of Britons are certain Adolf Hitler is a fictional character, a more shameful display of ignorance and damning indictment of the British populace one can scarce imagine outside of Southend high-street on a Saturday night.

Concerned historians hoping that Level 5's latest Strategy PSP, focused upon the life and times of 15th Century French freedom Fighter Joan of Arc might help redress our pitiful lack of knowledge of this country's past will be sorely disappointed.

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