Football Manager 2018

Innovations in the right places keep an old veteran match fit.

Football Manager 2018 review

You only need an excuse. The fundamental appeal of Football Manager is the same as it was in the Collyer brothers' debut in 1992, and if at any time in your life that appeal has spoken to you, it will do so forevermore. Really, it's just a matter of how seductively each iteration whispers its new features list at you.

Football Manager 2018

Developer: Sports Interactive

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Football Manager isn't the first title that springs to mind when it comes to video game visuals, but developer Sports Interactive has invested in a new graphics engine for this year's entry to help make the series look less like an interactive spreadsheet, as Football Manager is sometimes called, and more like a game of virtual football.

Oh dear! Has your captain headbutt your goalkeeper in a Hong Kong hotel? Has your Lurch of a defender turned your dressing room against you? Is your Chilean star sulking? Is your team not performing as it should because life is less than harmonious behind the scenes? Move over, puny FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry, because here comes Football Manager 2018's brand new feature, Dynamics.