Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

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Square defends the high price of its mobile games

Its high-end games provide 60+ hours, "rich storylines, high quality graphics and challenging, diverse combat."

Square Enix has become notorious for charging exceptionally high prices for its mobile games - just look at its 19.99 / $29 Final Fantasy Dimensions and 32 / $44 Demons' Score - but the publisher insists that its games offer high quality experiences worthy of their audacious prices.

Final Fantasy Tactics gets iPad release

The War of the Lions will set you back 12.99.

An iPad version of strategy RPG classic Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is out now on the App Store, developer Square Enix has announced.

Final Fantasy Tactics iPhone release date

The iPhone port of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions launches on 4th August, Square Enix has announced on Facebook.

It costs 1800 yen, $15.99 or 12.99 Euro. We're checking with Square Enix now on UK pricing.

The iPad version will be released this autumn "at least one month behind", Square Enix said.

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If in doubt, buy your parents something you want and reclaim at a later date - a useful mantra handed down from generation to generation. I once bought my sister a CD that will remain nameless for shame purposes, even though she had no flashy machinery to play it on. But I did. So, when I suggested she hand the disc to me and keep the cassette recording I had selflessly made for herself, I was expecting nothing but cooperation. Bloody witch didn't see it like that though, did she? Threw a right strop. Ungrateful. But looking back at my foolish youth of yester-year I can see how much I have changed. She lives in China for a start, so no need to get her anything. Present for sister: tick.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

When two prides go to war - uh!

Wearing my JRPG Nerd Hat (yes, I own a JRPG Nerd Hat - I wove it myself from the hair of the denizens of Eurogamers' JRPG Otaku group, in fact), I'd probably pick out three games as being the Holy Trinity of titles which have been, thus far, denied to us miserable Europeans.

I'd choose Chrono Cross, stunning follow-up to the SNES classic Chrono Trigger. I'd choose the oddly paced but nonetheless magnificant Xenogears. Last, and certainly not least of the three, I would choose Final Fantasy Tactics - arguably the finest spin-off game to a major franchise the industry has ever produced.

Yes, sorry - I don't really feel like I can keep you in suspense over this one, posing the "ah ha, but is Final Fantasy Tactics really any good?" question and dragging it out for the next thousand words. Final Fantasy Tactics was superb ten years ago on the PlayStation, and it's still superb today in its long-awaited PSP remake. No illusions, from the outset; this is a review of a superb game.

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Final Fantasy Tactics series

We check out the new DS and PSP Tactics titles.

In 1949 the New Statesman held a contest inviting readers to send in parodies of the great novelist and playwright Graham Greene. So distinctive and unique was his writing style that it apparently invited parody. A few weeks later the publication announced the winners and, to both their and his surprise, second place went to Graham Greene himself, who had written in secretly using a pseudonym.