Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia


FF11 is the most profitable Final Fantasy ever

Producer Hiromichi Tanaka departs Square Enix amid health concerns.

Final Fantasy XI, XIV offline

Square Enix reduces power consumption.

FFXI update and expansion dated

Third mini-expansion and more soon.

FFXI to get three new expansions

Digital only, starting spring next year.

FF11 is the most profitable Final Fantasy ever

Producer Hiromichi Tanaka departs Square Enix amid health concerns.

Final Fantasy XI, XIV offline

Square Enix reduces power consumption.

FFXI update and expansion dated

Third mini-expansion and more soon.

FFXI to get three new expansions

Digital only, starting spring next year.

Buddy system coming to FFXI

Painless grouping with lower-level players.

Square Enix dates FFXI 2008 bundle

All those expansions included.

New FFXI expansion announced

Wings of the Goddess.

Squenix on FFXI sequel report

'Not true' is the gist of it.

Feature | Near Vana'

We visit the Final Fantasy XI fan festival.

Final Fantasy tops poll

Of games that make us cry.

Feature | Final Fantasy XI: European Adventure

As a European launch for Square Enix' epic massively multiplayer game looms large (finally!), Rob drops back into Vana'diel and decides he likes what they've done with the place.