Dull adventure game mechanics are enlivened by a brilliant sense of dread, as the Dark Souls director turns his hand to VR.

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VideoIan's top ten best PSVR games of 2018

It's a Christmas countdown corner!

Welcome one and all to a very special Christmas episode of Ian's VR Corner where I'll be going over my top ten best PSVR games of 2018. The following list is completely my opinion and it only features games I've played, so if I've missed out on one of your favourites it may just be that I've not had a chance to give it a go. Well, it's either that or I did play it and I just thought it was a bit poo. Either way, please do share the love for your favourite PSVR games in the comments below and hopefully you can inspire others to try them out too.

My uncle is blind. I don't think he sees nothing at all, though. I don't think that's how blindness necessarily works. I think he sees lights and shapes but not too much that he can really make practical use of. I gather, and mine is a very limited understanding, that blindness is a spectrum.

Déraciné review - VR busywork elevated by the master of atmosphere

When I was a kid, libraries were often Victorian things. Alongside books, they sometimes had funny little exhibits: stuffed owls and old bones and things under bell jars, everything lining the lonely parqueted expanses of paneled corridors and generally in need of a dust. One library I knew in Thanet - the Isle of the Dead! - had a mechanical doll's house, one wall removed so the skeletal framework of rooms was exposed. Here was mum and dad in the parlour. Here was grandma in the bedroom and baby in her crib. There was a coin slot and a brass switch that triggered a whole bunch of unseen mechanical rumblings and then, when it wasn't broken, mum and dad would nod their heads over their papers, grandma would sit up in bed and the baby would kick its legs. Maybe there was a dog, too. There's almost always a dog involved.


Developer: From Software

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From Software's charming PSVR adventure Déraciné gets a November release date

From Software's lovely looking, exploration-based VR adventure Déraciné is coming to PlayStation VR on November 6th, and there's a brand-new trailer to celebrate.

Déraciné (which apparently means 'a person uprooted from their natural environment') is a collaboration between From Software and Sony's Japan Studio, and is being directed by Dark Souls and Bloodborne creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. It's described as a "classic adventure game brought to life by VR technology" in which players can "explore a quiet world brimming with mysteries and recall the joy of discovery."

That world is an old, secluded boarding school - still home to six young students and their ageing headmaster - that slowly reveals its secrets as players, in the guise of an unseen faerie, roam its dusty rooms and halls. Careful exploration gradually uncovers clues and fragments which will eventually connect to form a much larger story - a narrative approach that's very much a Miyazaki favourite. "The core of this experience," explains Sony, "is found in the small epiphanies - the moments when the dots connect and you learn something new".

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From is making a mysterious PSVR exclusive called Déraciné

From Software is making a game exclusively for PlayStation VR which was revealed in a trailer that screened after the end of Sony's E3 showcase. Because Sony aren't doing anything by the book this year, it seems.

The game is called Déraciné, whis is the French word for 'uprooted'. It has no release date. The trailer shows a large stately house with a clock tower, shot in scratchy sepia and largely empty but for a couple of unhappy-looking characters. There is some enigmatic voiceover dialogue. At the end, a dead flower is brought back to life by some magic sparkles and colour starts to seep into the scene.

What does it all mean? Who knows, but this is From's third E3 reveal in two days after Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and the Metal Wolf Chaos remaster. If it gets any more prolific, it'll be the new Platinum Games.

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