Dizzy : Prince of the Yolkfolk


"There have been a lot of men crying, including me"

Blitz co-founder Philip Oliver's first interview since the demise of one of the UK's longest-running developers.

UK studio Blitz Games closes down

UPDATE: Rebellion invites former staff to apply for some 50 open positions.

UPDATE: Sniper Elite developer Rebellion has invited former Blitz Games staff to apply for some 50 open positions at the Oxford-based studio.

The Story of Dizzy's Return

Putting the pieces back together.

It's been well over twenty years since the release of the last Dizzy game proper, and until recently the character that helped make Codemasters name was thought lost to the mists of time.

Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk announced for iPhone, iPad and Android

Codemasters has unveiled the new Dizzy game it teased yesterday.

Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk is a special HD edition of the 1991 classic for iPad, iPhone and Android, and is out on Friday, 9th December.

The iOS and Android editions of Dizzy: Prince of the Yolk are developed by DNA Interactive and Paul Ranson, the game's original project director.

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