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BattleBlock Theater confirmed for PC in 2014

BattleBlock Theater confirmed for PC in 2014

Closed beta due later this month.

The Behemoth's zany platforming game BattleBlock Theater has officially been confirmed for a PC release on Steam later this year.

Previously, this PC port was outed when a Steam glitch listed several unannounced titles that also included Killing Floor 2, Half-Minute Hero Two and Batman: Blackgate HD.

Thus this announcement isn't entirely surprising, but The Behemoth noted several enhancements it will be making in this Steam version. For example, this upgraded port will contain weapon switching between a primary and secondary implement, new cat guard enemies in story mode, Steam Workshop integration for sharing user-created levels, and Steam Inventory support for trading in-game items.

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Battleblock Theater review

Battleblock Theater review

All the world's a stage.

The Behemoth is growing up. You're over halfway through Battleblock Theater, the indie developer's latest, before you get to see someone poo themselves to death. Considering the team's previous game, 2008's Castle Crashers, had a variety of woodland creatures suffering from varying degrees of terminal diarrhoea within the first few levels, this clearly represents a significant stride towards maturity.

Thankfully, such restraint doesn't mean that Battleblock Theater has abandoned the studio's goofy, surreal sense of humour. Quite the opposite. This is by far The Behemoth's funniest game, with a laugh-out-loud narrator spinning a barking mad tale about weird little puppet people with interchangeable heads, shipwrecked on an island ruled by sadistic cats who force the refugees to survive deadly gauntlets in a shabby theatre for their feline amusement.

The core of this torment takes the form of a platform game, and a spectacularly good one at that. Each section of the game contains nine tightly paced platforming stages, one against-the-clock grand finale and three optional "encore" stages designed to test your skills to the limit. All are exquisitely designed, and go a long way to explain just why it's taken The Behemoth the better part of five years to follow up its previous hit.

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Battleblock Theatre

Hassle bashers.

Castle Crashers was all about teaming up with your mates to bash goons and rescue princesses, but there was one little twist. After defeating a boss, your team had to turn on each other and fight to the death, the last man standing rewarded with a kiss from the girl. Friends turn to enemies and, when the next level starts, back to friends again. If anything encapsulates Battleblock Theatre, the new game from Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth, it's that moment - turning to your mate with an innocent smile and planting a sword right between the eyes.

Castle Crashers dev's next pushed to 2011

BattleBlock Theatre "like no other game."

Been waiting patiently to see what Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth has up its sleeve next? Well, you'll have to wait a little longer. Its follow-up, BattleBlock Theatre, has just been pushed back into 2011.

Behemoth's next is BattleBlock Theater

XBLA mutiplayer platformer titled.

Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid developer The Behemoth has slapped a title and a story (sort of) on its third Xbox Live Arcade game: BattleBlock Theater.