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Gamerpoint whores unite

To earn NBA Live achievement.

Even among gamerpoint whores, some achievements just have to be written off. Getting 10,000 kills online in Gears of War, perhaps. Or just about flipping anything in Ridge Racer 6. NBA Live 07 certainly has one - it demands that you be "online with 1,000 people".

It's 100 gamerpoints if you can manage it, but even Kristan doesn't have that many people on his friends list. So how to do it? Well, get organised, obviously - and that's what the folks at Achieve360Points.com are doing.

The idea is that at a particular time this weekend, everyone with a copy of the game will turn it on, go online and leave it there for one hour. If 1,000 people around the world pitch up simultaneously, everyone should get it.

Interested? Then make sure you're all set between 1am and 2am on Sunday 11th February. For a full list of times, check out the website.

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NBA Live 07

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