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Football Manager-style Blood Bowl game announced

First screenshots released.

Following on from this morning's release of Space Hulk screenshots, more Warhammer-related fun: There's a Football Manager-style Blood Bowl game in development.

Blood Bowl: Star Coach is made by Cyanide, creator of 2009's Blood Bowl and, more recently, Dungeonbowl. It's a free-to-play online PC game set for release on PC, Mac and tablets in the second quarter of 2013 - so from April to June.

Blood Bowl is Games Workshop's violent American Football-themed Warhammer spin-off. Cyanide calls Star Coach a "tactical multiplayer team-building game". It has the dwarf, human, orc, skaven, wood elf and chaos races from the fantasy universe. You create your own Blood Bowl team and develop an offensive and defensive playbook.

You then play against other players, with cross-platform multiplayer supported. You can hire star players and recruit new staff. There's a replay mode called Cabalvision.

"There are many ways to play Blood Bowl and lots of extensions already developed," said Cyanide boss Patrick Pligersdorffer. "Blood Bowl: Star Coach will interest both fans of football management as well as pure Blood Bowl enthusiasts. Players will encounter all the typical emotions and depth of play of a management game as well as the fun and originality specific to the Blood Bowl universe."

The first five screenshots are below.

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Blood Bowl: Star Coach

iOS, PC, Mac

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