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Foo Fighters to close out BlizzCon 2011

Grohl to serenade Warcrafters next month.

Alt rock veterans Foo Fighters close out this year's BlizzCon event, Blizzard has announced.

Dave Grohl's outfit will take to the stage at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles on 22nd October. Not fortunate enough to be making the trip? Fear not, the whole thing will be broadcast live over the internet.

It's not the first time the one-time Nirvana tubthumper has appeared at the show - he put in a surprise appearance last year as drummer for Tenacious D.

"We're pretty sure that in the future, music historians will look back at BlizzCon 2011 as the unquestionable pinnacle of Foo Fighters' long and illustrious career," commented Grohl.

"We look forward to living up to that prediction by bringing the Horde and Alliance together to rock the hell out of Anaheim next month."

In keeping with tradition, Blizzard's in-house metal band, The Artist Formerly Known as Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain, will open the show, featuring studio boss Mike Morhaime on bass.

No word yet on what else Blizzard has planned for the two-day event, but you can bet Diablo III will feature prominently, with a glimpse at StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm also likely.

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