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Ex-Silent Hill and The Witcher devs announce open-world horror game

Death In Candlewood takes to Kickstarter.

Barcelona-based indie outfit Rosebud Games has quite the pedigree with developers from Silent Hill: Origins, F.E.A.R. Extraction Point and The Witcher in its ranks, with BioShock's lead level designer operating as its consultant. Now, Rosebud has announced its debut project, a first-person open-world horror game set in 1940s New England called Death in Candlewood.

Described as "a love story between the living and the dead," Death in Candlewood puts players in the role of a doctor searching for his adopted son, who soon finds himself accosted by all manner of inhuman assailants following the death of his psychiatrist mentor.

It looks like a very ambitious undertaking where you can explore over six square kilometres of the fictitious town of Candlewood over the course of one night. You'll also be able to hop in vehicles, swim through rivers, and explore over 1000 buildings.

It's no wonder that Rosebud Games needs some extra coin to finish it up. The studio noted that Death in Candlewood has been in development since 2011, so it's pretty far along already and just needs another $60,000 to cross the finish line. Hence its recently launched Kickstarter campaign.

Early birds can secure a digital copy of Death in Candlewood on PC for $15, though it will go up to $20 after the first 1000 backers take that tier. The game is expected to be out in April 2015.

Death in Candlewood's Kickstarter campaign just launched yesterday, so it's only received $2162 towards its $60k goal, but it has until 2nd May to acquire the rest.

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