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Microsoft can't get hold of retail Xbox Series X consoles for this weekend's Halo tournament

"Why? Global supply chain shortage is real."

Even Microsoft is struggling to get ahold of its own Xbox Series X consoles as the global shortages continue to affect the industry.

For Halo Infinite's first Halo Championship Series, the company has had to resort to using dev kits - that is, special consoles given to developers to test games during development - as it cannot source enough retail versions.

However, 343i insist the functionality is "identical" and players shouldn't worry that the kit will affect their performance.

"Heads up open bracket players - you'll be playing this weekend on Series X development consoles," tweeted 343 Industries' esports and viewership lead, Tashi (thanks, Notebookcheck.net). "They're functionally identical and will be operating in "Retail" mode so it's the exact same experience, they just look a little different."

"Why? Global supply chain shortage is real."

It's not just Microsoft, of course. AO World boss John Roberts recently told press that availability of PS5 and Xbox Series X and S was "difficult" this Christmas and in October, Intel warned the ongoing global semiconductor shortage could continue into 2023.

As Wes summarised for us at the time, the shortage has affected PC graphics cards, as well as supplies for consoles, as the pandemic caused a surge in PC and console sales with so many working from home. New console releases by all three major companies also contributed to increased demand. Both Sony and Microsoft have lamented the current global supply chain and manufacturing problem, acknowledging frustration from those who are struggling to buy a new console. Last month, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan thanked fans for their patience as PS5 remains out of stock a year after launch.

UK retailer GAME has put measures in place to deter scalpers, another factor that's been increasing demand.

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