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Episodic first-person horror game Doorways cracks Greenlight's top 10

Pre-orders go on sale Thursday.

Argentina-based indie outfit Saibot Studios has revealed that its upcoming first-person horror/adventure game Doorways has made it onto Steam Greenlight's top 10, meaning it will almost definitely make it onto Valve's distribution portal upon release.

Doorways follows the exploits of a supernatural investigator who uses "special methods" of apprehending criminals. You wouldn't know it from the 16 minute demo Saibot sent to YouTube personality PewDiePie though, which seems to be primarily about exploring moody caves and dimly lit forests trying to to get killed by creepy zombie-ghosts, or something.

I caught up with Saibot founder Tobias Rusjin to go into more detail about what the full game will entail. "Each 'world' of the game has varying gameplay concepts," he said. "For example, some levels are based on exploration and labyrinth crawling. Other levels, on the other hand, behave more like a graphic adventure, with inventory puzzles and revisiting of rooms."

"Some problems you need to solve under pressure. That pressure may come from fear of the creatures that appear in your journey or from traps and other obstacles," he added.

When I asked if Doorways would have any combat or stealth he responded, "the confrontations with the enemies are primarily about stealth but, in some cases, you will also have the chance to combat them using the environment."

Doorways will be available for pre-order on 15th August, which will allow early adopters access to the beta for the first two - out of four - chapters. No price has yet been announced.

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