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Dave Perry has "top secret" MMO

Have your "life changed".

Dave - sorry; "David" - Perry is working on a self-monikered "Top Secret MMOG Project" for Acclaim Games, the company confirmed over the weekend, which is to be strongly influenced by user input during its development.

Perry, (in)famous for his work on The Matrix among many others, is also offering the player who comes up with the best ideas a "A Video Game Industry Directorship". The lucky winner will end up working on the development of a "fully-funded" MMO, to be published by Acclaim.

"This is the only chance I know of to jump-start a directorship career in the video game industry," said Perry. "Everyone wins. They get to learn how to make professional games, and if they get anything in, they get a real professional credit on their resume. But, if they win, well then they get their life changed."

"Top Secret is like 'The Apprentice' meets 'American Idol' meets 'The Video Game Industry'," said Acclaim CEO Howard Marks. "We're giving our players a chance to work on an online game that we will actually develop and publish. Our community really loves these games and knows what it takes to make a hit. And it will be a dream come true for one lucky star that shines the most throughout the project."

Head over to the game's site if you fancy signing up and reaching for the stars. Places are limited, so get to it if you're interested.

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