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Crysis to work on older PCs

But next game probably won't.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli expects that people with "two- to three-year-old" PCs will firmly enjoy Crysis despite its bias toward DirectX 10 and expensive graphics hardware, although he admits that he expects the developer to move fully to Vista in future.

"We developed almost all effects to be very scalable for different hardware specs," he told Next-gen.biz of the game that has done most to emphasise the benefits of Microsoft's new operating system at trade shows and preview events.

"Fortunately this is much easier now that we can rely on the existence of hardware shaders. We believe clearly that Crysis will be enjoyed by a large audience that dates back to gamers with two- to three-year-old gaming rigs," he explained.

Later though, he said it was "most likely" that the team would upgrade all of its development stations to Vista and move to Vista-only games, although he added that that's "not 100 percent decided".

However you enjoy Crysis though, and everything we've seen of it suggests you will, you won't be doing it for a little bit, with the expected to appear later sometime in publisher EA's next financial year, beginning April.

Don't worry though, because we should be hearing about a multiplayer beta program much sooner than that.

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