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Crazy Taxi heading to PSP

CT 1/2, with multiplayer.

Crazy Taxi's set to make a return this summer - with a PSP instalment mixing the content of the first two Dreamcast games and adding a few new features.

Called Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars, it's being developed by Sniper Studios and offers plenty of single-player content to barge your way through on the PSP's slick wide screen.

Using both original Crazy Taxi maps (arcade and Dreamcast) and the Small Apple maps of Crazy Taxi 2, Fare Wars offers an Arcade mode, where you earn time bonuses by delivering fares quickly, and a Time Trial, where the idea is to collect the highest fares possible in the time allowed.

On top of that there are two mini-game modes, including Crazy Box's original 16 mini tasks and a Crazy Pyramid to unlock the CT2 offerings.

Multiplayer is catered for too, via an ad hoc option that has you racing others and trying to steal their passengers by bumping cars.

Finally, SEGA says you'll be able to save replays of your best moments onto Memory Stick so you can show them off to your mum. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I do - she still refuses to take interest in my best Pro Evo goals. Witch.

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