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Crackdown demo delayed

Will appear before end of Jan.

Those of you expecting to test-flex genetically enhanced muscle today will now have to wait until the end of the month for the Crackdown Xbox Live demo.

A lengthy certification process has held the download back, developer Real Time Worlds announced on the game's website.

"The demo is going through the final steps of the certification process, which has delayed the scheduled release by several days, though it is still on-track to appear before the end of January."

Crackdown is a third-person crime-buster that will allow you and a friend to simultaneously clean up the streets of Pacific City.

Whilst the full version of the game will feature "join anytime" co-op play, the demo requires you organise your joint forces from the interface before jumping into the action. Once there, you can explore one of four gang-held territories from the final product.

Also, Agent levelling will be enhanced in the download, offering you a better look at the abilities of the two muscle-bound science-projects.

The full version is still on course for a 23rd February release, and there's always the Battlestations: Midway demo to fall back on (which actually is going to be available on Marketplace today).

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