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Chocobo Tales in May

More DS Final Fantasy for Europe.

Square-Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales will be available throughout Europe in May.

The game sees you take the role of a chocobo, who has to save the day by stopping Darkmaster Bebuzzu from regaining his devastating array of powers. Because he's evil, as highlighted by the name.

Your epic journey will challenge you with more than 40 minigames, each successful one bolstering the deck you use in Pop-Up Duel Card Battles.

As usual, the stylus and touch screen are being put to good use, and you'll be able to use the DS Wi-Fi connection to battle your friends in duels or minigames.

"Fans of Final Fantasy both old and new will love the colourful cast of characters and fun minigames," said John Yamamoto, president and CEO of Square-Enix. "With adventure, puzzles, multiplayer and the impressive Pop-Up Duel Card Battles there is something for everybody in the game."

The game is due for release on 3rd April in the US, and is already out in Japan.

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