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Capcom brings Mega Man 5 to Wii VC

While PSN gets Dino Crisis 2.

It seems that Capcom has been rummaging around in the vaults – both Mega Man 5 and Dino Crisis 2 are heading to download services soon, according to new ESRB listings.

The posts, as unearthed by Joystiq, indicate that 1992 NES platforming sequel Mega Man 5 is on its way to the Wii's Virtual Console, while PC/PSone relic Dino Crisis 2 is heading to PSN. No release dates are mentioned.

That's now two classic Mega Man titles Wii owners have to look forward to – SNES spin-off Mega Man X launches on the US Virtual Console this week, with a European release hopefully to follow soon thereafter.

While Mega Man has kept a fairly high profile in recent years, most recently with last year's Mega Man 10, the Dino Crisis franchise has been dormant since the atrocious Dino Crisis 3 limped onto Xbox in 2003.

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