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Bravo, UK games industry, which helps GamesAid raise £564,000 in a year

Eight charities receive £70,500 each.

GamesAid is an umbrella charity we care about because it belongs to and is propelled by everyone working in the UK games industry. We direct our fundraising and support towards GamesAid which then divides the money across a selection of charities focused on helping disadvantaged and disabled young people.

We, personally, donate gifts we're sent so they can be sold at auction, and if we happen to be running a marathon (why did I sign up for that?!) or doing a Tough Mudder or any kind of fundraising event, we tend to put GamesAid on our bib. As does everyone else, be they developer, PR, games shop, journalist and so on.

Transparency explainer out of the way, it's with a happy heart I write that GamesAid raised a massive £564,000 over the past 12 months - 30 per cent more than in previous years. Charities Accuro, Action for Kids, The Clock Tower Sanctuary, Lifelites, MAPS, Safe @ Last, SpecialEffect and Jigsaw 4 U have all received £70,500 each. Well done everyone!

The work of SpecialEffect you may have seen around one of the EGX UK game shows. It's a charity focused on creating ways for disabled people to enjoy video games like able-bodied people with two capable hands. Some of their solutions are incredible, and the results heart warming. Other charities such as Action for Kids provide support, all voluntary, for kids who suffer a sudden bereavement and whose worlds are turned upside down.

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