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Boogie on PS2, DS

Now with 3D glasses.

EA has decided to create two more versions of party game Boogie in time for Christmas, one for DS and one for PS2. Both have an enormous installed-base. Just thinking out loud. Tum-tee-tum.

The DS offering will be based around dancing and some mini-games, but also has special 3D glasses so you can still look silly in public. Just match up your little character's dance moves to the ones on the screen to do well - or try some of your own choreography and freestyle if you get a bit bored.

Then you can prolong your excitement with multi-card and download play, as well as a career mode for longer play sessions. Still here?

Those of you with a PS2 will be able to sing and dance, albeit not at the same time, like you can on Wii. But you will be able to record yourself on video or audio for your friends to watch, although we have no idea why you would want to.

All very exciting, then. Well, no. Unfortunately Wii version with all its potential was far from entertaining, even when drunk. Head over to our Boogie review to find out why.

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