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Emma was Eurogamer's summer intern in 2018 and we liked her so much we decided to keep her. Now a fully-fledged reporter, she loves asking difficult questions, smashing people at DDR and arguing about, well, everything.

Tensions between Claptrap voice actor and Borderlands studio reach fever pitch

UPDATE: Gearbox says it takes assault claim "very seriously" but will "abstain from commenting on the allegations".

Path of Exile boss doesn't want his team crunching for patches

"I will not run this company that way."

FeatureUK games industry gender pay gap report shows progress, but companies must do more

"They could train more women to come into senior roles, which is something generally the industry is pretty crap at."

Hitman 2 gets a bank level this summer

Fortune favours the bald.

Activision Blizzard pays employees $1 per day to share their pregnancy data

"I want them to have a healthy baby because it's great for our business experience."

r/Games subreddit shuts for April Fool's to highlight toxicity in game communities

"Now is the time to stymie the flow of regressive ideas and prevent them from ever becoming the norm."

Bethesda's giving away Morrowind free to celebrate 25 years of The Elder Scrolls

UPDATE: Giveaway period extended following technical difficulties.

The Culling appears to finally be dead

It was slaughter fun while it lasted.

Apex Legends season one starts tomorrow with Ł8 battle pass

Octane is officially unveiled, at long last.

Fallout fan creates series' most detailed timeline yet

"All I did was read every terminal entry, note and holotape for Fallouts 3 to 76."

PUBG Mobile banned in several Indian cities

UPDATE: 10 arrested so far.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm mode finally has a release date

EA drops a new trailer - officially, this time.

Fortnite vending machines now drop free swag

Plus changes to cross-play matchmaking.

Octopath Traveler prequel announced for mobile

And a new console game is in production.

Game companies should share data on loot boxes, academics tell Parliament

"We're scrabbling around in the dark here... they have flashlights."

Chris Avellone has been working on Respawn's Star Wars game

Along with a mystery project to be revealed in a month.

Fortnite season eight ditching planes in favour of bananas and snakes

Stop asking about double pump, it's not happening.

FeatureI spectated prime minister's questions - in Roblox

Adventures in a political role-playing community.

Fallout 76 purging duped items in today's patch

UPDATE: Bethesda's dupocalypse seemingly a success.

Another Titanfall game will launch this year

...But it's still not Titanfall 3.

Now there's a Resident Evil 2 first-person mod

So you can get X-tra cosy with a certain someone.

"The world thinks we're making Titanfall 3 and we're not - this is what we're making."

Respawn talks Apex Legends, its titan-less Titanfall battle royale.