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A former Eurogamer intern and reporter, Emma loves delving into communities and modding scenes in search of the weird and wonderful. Oh, and be prepared for puns. Lots of horrible puns.

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This Skyrim mod adds "modernised third-person gameplay"

With "true directional 360° movement".

Hades, Skate, Katamari Damacy Reroll join Xbox Game Pass this August

With several Codemasters games heading to EA Play.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits delayed until September

More time needed to "polish the game across all platforms".

Nintendo pulled out of Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony, report claims

And Lady Gaga was once due to emerge from a pipe.

New Apex Legend Seer is "all about tracking enemies"

Arriving in Emergence season next month.

Nexus Mods removing lifetime membership option

As part of changes to payments system.

Don't expect to see Skate at this year's EA Play

But "a little something" is arriving tomorrow.

Nexus Mods will no longer allow authors to delete mod files

In preparation for new collections system.

Humble Bundle once again capping how much users can donate to charity

While still offering some 100% to charity bundles.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting another expansion

Super trooper, tractor beams are gonna blind me.

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