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Tekken and Onimusha movies go global


In a recent interview with Bloomberg Japan, Nichiho Marumo, president of Japanese production company Gaga Communications, spoke of his company's work on the forthcoming Tekken and Onimusha movies, which we probably knew about but had certainly forgotten at the time of writing.

Marumo-san tells Bloomberg that both movies will try and capture the attention of gamers and non-gamers, with good scripts rather than CG breasts or turning Guile into a Belgian fighting weirdo [haven't you got over that yet? -Ed].

Apparently, Gaga plans to release both movies worldwide, and is working hard to incorporate much of the games into the film and the marketing. "Bums on seats, laddy, bums on seats."

According to GameSpot's report, Gaga hopes to begin production of Tekken and begin "scenario production" for Onimusha by September, which is the end of Gaga's fiscal year.

Source: GameSpot

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