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EA and Vivendi plan Rings return

And wasn’t The Two Towers good, while we’re on the subject?

Various sources (including Entertainment Weekly) report that EA is busy beavering away on the follow-up to its critically and commercially successful Two Towers hackandslash released late last year. Developers at EA have been reviewing footage of The Return of the King ("We just saw a flyby of Minas Tirith," one exec boasted) and plan to have the game out on all three console platforms simultaneously. What's more, RotK will see roles for Frodo and Sam in addition to the war torn trio of Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas.

Meanwhile, Vivendi is hoping to have its own adaptation of The Two Towers out by the end of the year. Based on the books once again, Vivendi's TTT will appear on Xbox and PS2, running on a new engine and hopefully sporting new everything after The Fellowship proved to be "licensed toss".

Of course that's not all. Vivendi is also still working on an adaptation of The Hobbit for GameCube and a Middle-Earth MMORPG, but stealing their thunder once again, EA is openly fuelling speculation that a gigantic adventure spanning the entire trilogy will be pieced together in the aftermath of Return of the King.

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