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Microsoft plans Xbox initiatives

Robbie Williams, MegaCruisers and free DVDs

Microsoft is tooting its horn and throwing confetti because Xbox is the most powerful games console, and the monopolistic platform holder has big plans to try and emphasize this fact over the next couple of months. None of this involves releasing a triple-A videogame, but hey ho.

The good news is that Microsoft wants YOU, and is planning various initiatives to get YOU to buy an Xbox. The first of these is a new "Difference" DVD which should rain down on retail outlets, specialist magazines and Xbox trial events in the coming weeks - two million of the DVDs have been produced.

Furthermore, Microsoft is planning to revamp its Playmore.com website, although we're hoping not to lose our cute little amoeba-style Flash creature, even though we haven't checked up on him in a few months. The new Playmore.com will include much of what it does now, and MS is being quite vague about any changes, but it does plan to mail a 24-page "brandzine" [eurgh -Ed] based on the site to as many as 10,000 influential entertainment and media contacts.

And not content with that, soon you'll be able to "See More, Hear More, Feel More and Play More" with the Xbox MegaCruiser, two massive trailer units designed to mimic the look and feel of the console from the outside, with a 25-metre square gaming area on the inside. The MegaCruiser's tour will cross the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, targeting retail chains, and music and sporting events.

Finally, Microsoft is now joint headline sponsor of the Robbie Williams European Tour, which starts on June 28th 2003 in Edinburgh and takes in 15 shows in eight countries. Xbox demo pods should be everywhere. Various regional promotions are also planned based on the partnership, including a special DVD pack including the Xbox DVD remote and a Robbie DVD for €29.99.

All of which is aimed squarely at getting you to play more. See that you do.

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