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Prisoner Of Windows

PC edition of hit stealth game due September 20th

Codemasters have taken some time out from patting themselves on the back about the recent success of Prisoner Of War on PS2 and Xbox to announce that the PC edition of the game will now hit the shelves on September 20th. POW has been lingering in the all formats top five since its release four weeks ago and is best of the rest on Xbox behind perennial chart-topper Halo, an achievement which Codemasters put down to an original concept. "Prisoner of War offers a new style of gaming; it's something brave, something original, something non-violent and it's a success", MD Mike Hayes boasted. "We're incredibly pleased. While sequels or "me-too" titles are expected to be the only sure-fire hits, gamers have really taken to Prisoner of War for its novel approach and modern-history adventure setting." Don't worry, this success will no doubt spawn a string of sequels and "me-too" titles, and the gaming industry can get back to business as usual. In the meantime though, Codemasters have released a new batch of screenshots showing the PC version of the game in action. Related Feature - Prisoner Of War screenshots (PC)

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