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Allied Assault expansion pack on the way

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault might not have had quite the same impact on us as its excellent PlayStation 2 sibling, Frontline, but it was still an above average first person shooter by PC standards, and was boosted by some great online support. Now an expansion pack is on the way, promising to build on that solid foundation with more of the same. Due for release this autumn, the as-yet untitled add-on will give players the chance to take part in the Battle Of The Bulge and the advance on Berlin, as well as parachuting behind enemy lines to prepare the way for the D-Day invasion. On the multiplayer side, a dozen new maps will give fans the chance to battle their way across the bridge at Arnhem (as seen in Frontline) and through the streets of Berlin, with a wider range of teamplay options, the chance to play as British or Soviet troops, and new weapons such as the British Enfield rifle, Sten submachineguns and smoke grenades also included. Will this be the game's finest hour, or a mission pack too far? The early screenshots certainly look promising, and the inclusion of the Battle of the Bulge and D-Day parachute operations suggest that the add-on could stray even further into Band Of Brothers territory than the original game, which can't be a bad thing. No doubt all will become clear soon... Related Feature - Medal Of Honor expansion screenshots

Where's Telly Savalas when you need him?

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