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Xbox gets more Substance

Kojima confirms that the Xbox version of MGS2 Substance will look slightly better, and more

Hideo Kojima has revealed in an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine here in the UK that the Xbox version of the game will look better than the PS2 version, with more bump mapping and some other slight improvements. Kojima-san also explained that Substance will read the time from the console's internal clock, so that lighting and weather conditions will suit the appropriate period in VR stages and perhaps elsewhere. Further revelations include the news that players will be able to take on each of the original game's boss characters as they like, in Boss Survival mode, and that all of the character model-swapping hijinx of the game's E3 footage will be controlled from a Casting Theatre mode. Kojima-san's example being that you could replace soldiers with old ladies, which should please the censors. Kojima-san also once again tipped his hat towards Splinter Cell, remarking that "it would be great if we could turn that game into Metal Gear Solid X." The full interview with Hideo Kojima appears in the August issue of the Official Xbox Magazine here in the UK. Related Feature - Kojima offers information of Substance

Source - Official Xbox Magazine

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