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Morrowind moved forward

.. and backwards

Ubi Soft have brought a smile to the faces of European role-playing fans with the news today that they are bringing the PC version of Morrowind to the continent sooner than expected, although the release date for the Xbox version of the game is "still to be finalised". Originally the plan was to release Morrowind across Europe in June, but now Ubi Soft have opted for an unusual (but very welcome) two stage release. As a result a "semi-localised" version of the game will be released across Europe in May, with the manual translated into French, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish, but all the in-game speech and text still in English. Given that most European gamers speak perfectly good English anyway, this could prove to be a great move by Ubi Soft. It's certainly a huge improvement on the four month delay that afflicted their European release of Myst III : Exile. And for those of you whose English isn't up to scratch, fully localised versions of Morrowind for France and Germany will be released in August. "For a gaming universe featuring over a million words, full translation poses quite a task", Ubi Soft's Thomas Petersen admitted. "By introducing a two-stage release, we hope to meet the unprecedented demand from fans that want to play Morrowind as soon as possible, but also deliver a perfectly localised version for those that can wait till August." Related Feature - Morrowind screenshots

A release date being brought forward - now there's a refreshing change.

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