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THQ Outraged

Descent veterans bought out

Descent 3 developers Outrage Entertainment have been bought by THQ. The company now becomes part of THQ's internal studio group along with Volition, the other half of what used to be Parallax Software. The exact terms of the take-over aren't known, but it seems to have come at the cost of one of the company's projects. An update on Outrage's website yesterday announced that "due to circumstances beyond our control" their bizarre looking PS2 game Rubu Tribe has been cancelled. Rubu was going to be published by Interplay, who are having their own financial problems at the moment, so it's no great surprise that the game has been axed by new owners THQ. Outrage are apparently now working on a new action game for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, which will be revealed at E3 next month. Outrage's general manager Matt Toschlog put a brave face on things for the benefit of the press release, stating that "we're delighted to be a part of [THQ's] growth and we look forward to being able to focus on making great games". Meanwhile THQ have set up another new game development studio of their own, this time in Seattle. Going by the strange name of Cranky Pants Games (don't ask), the team is currently working on a GameCube title due for release some time next year.

Source - press release / Outrage website

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