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Wolfenstein Gestapo move in on pirates

I loose cd key plz mail me someone kthx

In the wake of the US release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, id Software's resident Brit Graeme Devine updated his .plan last night to remind people of the dangers of piracy. The official line from id is that nobody has yet managed to crack the Quake 3 engine's CD key system, and Graeme pointed out that "many so-called cdkey generators are in fact virus attacks that steal your own good cdkey, or worse, corrupt your files". And although I'm sure we don't need to tell you this, given the number of idiots who spam our forums every week trying to blag CD keys for games, it probably bears repeating that if you own a legitimate copy of the game giving out your key to other people is a big no-no as well. "As we see cdkeys being distributed over the Internet those keys are being added to our ban list", Graeme announced. "It is very important to not share your own cdkey with anyone else." Verstehen sie?

Source - .plan

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