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Xbox home truths

Gamers rip their machines apart in search of a good time, amidst reports of hidden surprises

The Xbox is rapidly earning a reputation as the enthusiasts' console, with tinkering and investigation reaching levels not witnessed since the dying days of Dreamcast. Xbox owners have already established how to cajole Halo into playing against other gamers online. They have ripped the console to pieces in the hope of upgrading various components - development units featured 128Mb of RAM they moan, why not solder some more onto the board? They have also discovered that some Xboxes did in fact ship with a 10Gb Seagate hard disk, despite claims to the contrary, although some shipped with an 8Gb Western Digital model as promised. There are also rumours afoot that the 'special surprise' for Xbox owners hinted at by Microsoft will reveal itself on the Thanksgiving holiday of the 22nd of this month, and that it may involve one of the female characters from the early Xbox tech demos. It's interesting to see so much enthusiasm for a console a lot of people were willing to write off a few short months ago. Our Xbox is currently making its way through various shipping channels, but expect a full breakdown when we do finally get hold of it. Related Feature - Play Halo over the Net

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