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Gaming getting bigger

Gaming industry to be worth $86bn (count them) by 2006

According to a new study from London's Informa Media Group the size of the games market could jump by a massive 71% over the next five years, making us an $86bn industry by 2006. Mostly this will be thanks to a wave of new console systems such as the Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation 3, as well as the spreading of games to interactive TV set-top boxes and next-generation mobile phones.

"The big difference over the next few years will be a move away from the image of gamers as 'nerds'", according to report co-author Adam Thomas. "Games will move very much into the mainstream - something that will see 'ordinary' people playing games much more, using their mobile phones and TV sets."

Apparently the internet, interactive TV and mobile phones could account for up to 27% of the gaming industry's revenues by 2006, compared to just 2% last year, providing much of the boost. Consoles will also play their part, with sales expected to rise 73% over the next five years to $33bn, while online gaming will account for around $5.6bn. All of this will be offset by the continuing drop off in the arcade games business, which has already caused problems for companies such as Midway. Still, things are looking bright for the gaming industry if the report proves to be accurate.

Source - CNet

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