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Sony to unleash one last PS One blockbuster

"C-12: Final Resistance" looks like SCE Studio Cambridge's final assault

Sony's acclaimed SCE Studio Cambridge is working on what could be the company's final PS One title, to be published by SCE and released in time for Easter. "C-12: Final Resistance", is described as a blockbuster action title, and with the Cambridge group considered one of the only developers left that can really push the PS One, it should be quite an experience. The framerate is said to be constant, despite the high-resolution graphics and detailed textures. Large, animated on-screen characters cause no slowdown, and judging from the screenshots, look even more impressive than their counterparts in other PS One-stretching games like Resident Evil 3. The game's producer John Meegan doesn't even think that PS One has reached the outer bounds of its capabilities. "We've definitely pushed the machine to its current limits" says Meegan, "but I'd be delighted if somebody surpasses what we've achieved. It'd give us something higher to aim for in the future". We first saw C-12 in very early form at ECTS, but it was in such a dogged state that we hardly found anything to obsess about. Since then though, the game has matured greatly and established an eager fanbase of gamers who drool over every morsel of information and every screenshot. Sony's SCE Studio Cambridge is a 55-man operation now, and C-12: Final Resistance could just be their finest hour. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will publish C-12: Final Resistance for PS one on April 13th. Until then, enjoy the few shots and renders we have on display in our screenshots area. Related Feature - C12: Final Resistance Screenshots

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