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June on Dune

Emperor : Battle for Dune set for June release

EA Europe's release schedule has been updated, with confirmation that Unreal-engined shooter "Clive Barker's Undying" is now due out next Friday on this side of the pond (we had previously been expecting it to be released yesterday), as well as new information on some of EA's other titles. Undoubtedly the biggest title to be added to the list is Westwood's first 3D real-time strategy game, the eagerly anticipated "Emperor : Battle for Dune", which is being targeted for a June 15th UK release.

The last big 3D strategy game to come out of Electronic Arts was "Shogun : Total War", and for some time now the British developers behind the critically acclaimed historical epic have been hard at work on a follow-up called "Mongol Invasion", which allows you to play either as the Japanese or the invading Mongol hordes. EA Europe have now revealed that the add-on should be hitting shelves across Britain on Friday 15th May, with a recommended price of £14.99.

For all the latest UK release information, check our comprehensive UK release date list, currently tracking around a hundred PC games due for release over the next twelve months.

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