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Here be dragons

Ubi Studios talk about the role of the dragon in their fantasy role-playing game "Dragonriders : Chronicles of Pern"

UbiStudios UK are currently hard at work on "Dragonriders : Chronicles of Pern", a mixture of action, adventure and role-playing elements set in the world of Pern created by popular fantasy author Anne McCaffrey. But although the lead character is the dragon-rider of the title, a rugged hero called D'Kor, his dragon Zenth is also a major part of the game.

"Zenth plays a pivotal role in the game", according to lead designer Oliver Sykes. "Aside from being a very cool form of transport, the role the rider has with his or her dragon extends way beyond that. They are telepathically linked from the moment of the dragon's birth and they remain that way for life. One cannot exist without the other. This allowed us to do some pretty interesting things with Zenth. He is a mentor, a guide and a friend, and can offer D'kor advice, list his objectives, and point him in the right direction - as well as reprimand him - at any point during the game."

Source - RPG Vault

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