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In an effort to prevent us slaughtering en-masse the entire UK staff of Electronic Boutique, Ubi Soft have offered some sustinance. They are more or less alone, however

Unfortunately for those of us looking for a bit of retail therapy this Friday lunchtime, there aren't enough quality new titles out there to cover a small cracker. Even if you put some butter and a touch of cheese on top. In fact, the only titles worth seeking out (as they vociferously attempt to clamber onto the aforementioned cracker) are the Red Storm brothers Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear on the PlayStation. The long-awaited conversions look set to reignite the stealth-gaming fire on the PlayStation after a spat of indifference since the original Metal Gear Solid was released. With MGS2 still some way off for a lot of gamers, these two titles may provide a decent stop-gap. Aside from that though there's little to get excited about. Sega are allegedly releasing TimeStalkers, although this remains unconfirmed (we haven't got a copy, and usually Sega are very good about providing them in advance of release). Elsewhere there's our recently reviewed Ray Crisis from JVC, as well the potentially endearing Mille Miglia, which SCi were showing off to enthusiastic journos at this year's ECTS. Pocket gamers' parents may well be pleased to discover that Ubi Soft's range of cuddly GBC titles including Disney's Dinosaur, Donald Duck and Hello Kitty (and flanked by the PSX version of Elmo's Number Journey) have finally arrived, and will provide excellent stocking fodder where needed this Christmas. However of special note this morning is Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, from Acclaim's Max Sports group. The title is getting a huge push from the company (in other words they sent us a T-shirt and bribed Gameplay.com to stick it up on the front page of their online store), but despite this is does look as though it could be quite exciting. Watch this space.

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