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Questing in a Big World

According to Camille Scaysbrook, lead writer on the massively multiplayer role-playing game "BigWorld", "the mission generation system is one of the defining features of the game", giving players a wide range of interesting things to do instead of relying on a limited number of pre-scripted missions. Speaking in an interview with fan site BigWorld Vault, Camille revealed that "the system allows us to generate an interesting and diverse range of tasks on the fly, taking into account character abilities, personal history, and current game events".

"The traditional view of a quest is some grand adventure that you go on for some noble purpose. The adventure and the sense of purpose make a quest exciting, and we want to try to recapture that feeling in the quests or missions that we have, rather than routine quests for which you always know the outcome, and are only performed because you need a few extra gold coins or whatever. A quest needs to be relevant to be exciting. If the unknown character asks you to go to someone else you've never heard of to pick up the irrelevant object and bring it back its not a very exciting quest. However, if the object is a bomb and the person you're taking it to is the head terrorist, things are very different."

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