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Interview with Paul Steed

A couple of months ago the gaming world exploded with an apparent war inside id Software with one side trying to get control of the company, and the other resisting, and eventually failing. One of the casualties of that war was modeler and 3D artist Paul Steed. Stomped get hold of Paul and had a chat about what his plans are, his thoughts on id and Doom 3.

Right now Paul is contracting, with another ex-id person, American McGee, on the warped third person shooter Alice, a title that has been turning heads for a few months now. Post Alice, Paul makes no secret that he plans to form his own games company, "Alice is my main focus because I'm very impressed with where American and Rogue have gone with it, but there are other things as well".

Paul hits the nail on the head on the Doom 3 issue, "Can anything as huge as DOOM be ever re-created? I mean, I remember when people found out I made computer games for a living they'd invariably say something like, "You make computer games? Like DOOM?" So at one point computer games and 'DOOM' are synonymous in the majority of the public's eye"

Paul also reveals some information about how he plans his company to work, "I think I have good ideas. I treat everything very artistically and very vision oriented so that focus and coherence is maintained on the project. I think a lot of game developers don't do that." Its a great interview, which ends with Paul answering the burning question about how he feels to be out of id, "it's their loss".

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