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Bungie Interview

have an interview with Ed Fries, vice president of Microsoft Games Group, and Alexander Seropian, Bungie founder and CEO about the deal over the weekend which made Bungie Software a fully owned subsidiary of the Microsoft Games Group.

The entire Chicago and San Jose offices of Bungie - 50 employees - will be moving to the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. This will, of course, include the Halo team. "We haven't made any specific decisions about what products will be released for X-Box, PC or Mac or what we are going to do with any of the games," Fries said. "There are three development teams moving to Redmond. There are lots of projects going on. Certainly one of the big reasons we decided to move the entire Bungie group in house is that we want to have the entire Halo team close to the X-box team. We think that Halo has a lot of potential as an X-box game or we wouldn't be interested in it. Both teams are excited about working together to make the X-box a stronger platform."

With Halo becoming an X-box title, will it make it to PC at all? Word from inside the company is that Halo will be an X-Box exclusive for a few months, before being released for the PC at a later date. The article is well worth a read, especially for those of us who had been waiting to get our hands on Halo.

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