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Quake3 Jailbreak Released!

The first beta of the Quake3 Jailbreak has been released to the public and it weighs in at 38 megs. Jailbreak is a Teamplay MOD for Quake 3 Arena. A game of jailbreak consists of two teams, Blue and Red. When killed, you are transported to the enemies jail. While in jail, fellow teammates can free you by hitting the release trigger, or you can work together and use an escape hole located inside of the jail to gain your freedom. Once a team has all opponets in jail they are Executed, this being your ultimate goal. Windows users can download the setup file (38 mb), non-windows users can get the JB pk3 file (37 mb), just stick it in quake3/jailbreak/. There is also a server.cfg file if you want to run a dedicated server.

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