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The Views

Billy and the boys over at Voodoo Extreme have posted an interview with Tim Sweeney of Epic Games.

Telefragged have posted a second review of Urban Chaos (it's just that good). You can find their first review here, or check out our own review from yesterday!

Telefragged have also interviewed Adel Chaveleh of TimeGate Studios, talking about their new real time strategy game "Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns". The interview includes three brand spanking new screenshots of the game in action.

CGO has put up the second part of their Rune preview.

IGN PC previews Hidden & Dangerous: Devil's Bridge from Illusion Softworks.

Our friends at Adventure Gamer have reviewed "Nancy Drew : Stay Tuned for Danger", an adventure game aimed at girls which isn't as bad as the title might suggest apparently...

And now for something completely different... Fragtastic have posted a series of reviews of types of food you are likely to come across at a LAN party, ranging from the humble hamburger to the awesome "Deep Fried Mars Bar". Well worth a look!

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