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20 June 2019

19 June 2019


Digital FoundryFinal Fantasy 7 Remake: yesterday's game looks stunning with today's tech

How 22 years and three console generations improve a genuine PS1 classic.

18 June 2019


FeatureIgarashi returns: 'If I had the opportunity to do another Castlevania, I'd do it'

The director speaks as his long-awaited Bloodstained is released.

17 June 2019


FeatureMeet the amputee who cosplayed Apex Legends' Octane at EA Play

"It's important for kids to see all the different possibilities."

15 June 2019

14 June 2019


FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Friday

Spencer Prime! Turtle racing! The end!

13 June 2019


FeatureThe E3 Bulletin - Thursday

Vampire dancing! Sad execs! Arguments!


FeatureInside Dota 2's racism storm

As pressure mounts on Valve to step in.

12 June 2019


FeatureBorderlands 3 is fine

Night at the Mozeium.


FeatureThe E3 Bulletin - Wednesday

Zelda! Cyberpunk! Dying Light 2!


FeatureBleeding Edge is maybe a misnomer, but Ninja Theory is rightfully bullish

Why multiplayer? "Because I'm the creative director and I like it."

11 June 2019


FeatureYour choices can wipe out entire settlements in Dying Light 2

"With great power comes great destructibility."


FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Tuesday

Final Fantasy! Roller Champions! Ian Man!


Digital FoundryAMD pitches its new wave of Ryzen 3000 CPUs to gamers

All the multi-core advantages of prior Ryzens, but with gaming power comparable to Intel's best.

10 June 2019


FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Monday

Scarlett! Keanu! Deathloop!


FeatureDoom Eternal lives up to its legacy

Fights like hell, plays like heaven.

9 June 2019


FeatureThe big FIFA 20 interview

"We don't think it's gambling, we think it's a fun form of engagement."

8 June 2019

7 June 2019

6 June 2019


Digital FoundryIn Theory: Is a Switch port of The Witcher 3 actually viable?

Rumours suggest it's happening, but if true, the technical challenges are immense.


FeatureBitSummit and the thrill of unearthing new games

Infinite discovery - 13 of the best from this year's show.

5 June 2019

4 June 2019


FeatureWhat's next for the Frostpunk studio

"This one is not sad and depressing..."

3 June 2019

1 June 2019

31 May 2019


Digital FoundryNioh 2 hands-on: how Team Ninja polishes and refines its winning formula

Alpha code reveals a solid 60fps mode plus an impressive HDR upgrade.

30 May 2019


Digital FoundryIn Theory: Could the Sony/Microsoft cloud partnership end the console war?

Why would rival platform holders join forces - and what does it mean for gamers?

28 May 2019


Digital FoundryProject Athena detailed: Intel's ambitious push for laptop innovation

Here's the 2019 spec, plus info on Intel's unusual testing process.


Digital FoundryIce Lake announced at Computex: Intel's 10nm 10th-gen CPUs

Sunny Cove cores, Iris Plus graphics, AI and better connectivity.

27 May 2019


Feature40 years on, celebrating the Mattel Intellivision

The visionary console that tried to take on the mighty Atari.

25 May 2019


FeatureGames that ask: what are cities?

From Pocket City to Sandcastles.

24 May 2019

23 May 2019

22 May 2019


Digital FoundryRed Dead Redemption 2 patch 1.09 tested: has HDR been fixed?

Plus: graphics 'downgrade' addressed - but was it broken in the first place?

21 May 2019

20 May 2019

19 May 2019

18 May 2019


FeatureWhere video games and ASMR converge

"Ultimately, we're one community."

16 May 2019


FeatureOn Florence and the death of a romance

Bury that horse in the ground.

15 May 2019

14 May 2019

13 May 2019


FeatureOddworld: Soulstorm - the quintology is back on

"Today, there are more slaves on planet Earth than there ever were..."

12 May 2019

11 May 2019

10 May 2019

9 May 2019


Digital FoundrySwitch's 'boost mode' tested: what is it and how does it work?

Mortal Kombat 11, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey analysed.

8 May 2019

7 May 2019

6 May 2019

4 May 2019


FeatureSekiro: difficulty, challenge and empathy

How to truly share the beauty of a great game.

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