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21 October 2019

Digital FoundryOverwatch on Switch: an overly compromised conversion?

It's playable, it works, but do the cut-backs go too far?

20 October 2019

EGXLord Winklebottom Investigates is about a crime solving giraffe

No-one can escape the long neck of the law.

19 October 2019

FeatureBlizzard faces an impossible choice, but choose it must

The uproar over the banning of a Hong Kong Hearthstone pro threatens the company's values and identity to the core.

18 October 2019

FeatureRiot says ditching loot boxes will help Legends of Runeterra stand out from the CCG crowd

An interview with former Magic the Gathering pro and current Rioter Steve Rubin.

17 October 2019

16 October 2019

15 October 2019

FeatureThe writing of The Witcher 3

"We were worried there wasn't enough content!"

14 October 2019

13 October 2019

11 October 2019

10 October 2019

FeatureBeating the Bully

Mike Skupa on Rockstar's crunch culture and genius, the death of the developer of Sleeping Dogs, and how grief fuels his own, new horror game.

9 October 2019

Digital FoundrySony's latest PS5 details: the Digital Foundry analysis

Even the minor reveals count as major headline news.

8 October 2019

7 October 2019

6 October 2019

5 October 2019

FeatureGames can be our time machines

Talking about games, and talking through games.

4 October 2019

Digital FoundryHow could Red Dead Redemption 2 improve on PC?

UPDATE: The port is now official, so what can we expect from it?

FeatureFive of the Best: Mountains

Everest and read this.

3 October 2019

Digital FoundryShenmue 3: an Unreal take on a classic Dreamcast experience

The sequel that never was - seen through the lens of today's technology.

2 October 2019

1 October 2019

30 September 2019

FeatureShenmue 3 does not disappoint

Stately, strange and dripping with old-school Sega style - Yu Suzuki is back.

29 September 2019

FeatureThe making of Discworld Noir

We'll always have Ankh-Morpork.

28 September 2019

27 September 2019

26 September 2019

FeatureThe Last of Us Part 2 is faithful and finessed

Spoiler-free impressions from two hours of Naughty Dog's sequel.

FeatureOn fridging, revenge and Joel's return: a short chat with The Last of Us Part 2's writer

"We hope people will have the trust in us to honour our characters."

25 September 2019

FeatureThe KFC dating game is dumb fun for an hour

And all the girls say I'm pretty fry (for a white guy).

24 September 2019

23 September 2019

22 September 2019

21 September 2019

20 September 2019

FeatureFive of the Best: Hubs

Addicted to base.

19 September 2019

Digital FoundryZelda: Link's Awakening tech analysis: a simply stunning Switch remake

Performance drops are noticeable - but the overall experience is unmissable.

18 September 2019

17 September 2019

FeatureThe making of Devotion, China's least favourite horror game

"We want the public to know we will continue our work."

16 September 2019

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