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Aqua Teen for PS2

In "fall," says series creator.

Lots of magical things happen when you drink more alcohol than you can realistically handle, such as having ideas for a television series involving a talking milkshake, meatball and pack of chips. This, bizarrely, turned out to be such an impressive light-bulb of inspiration that Midway has decided to make a game about it.

Alas, it wasn't actually our idea but Dave Willis', whose Aqua Teen Hunger Force series has inspired a cult-like following. He's recently been mouthing off to G4 about a PS2 take on the animated show, revealing that it's an extreme combat golf game.

"It's extreme combat golf," he said illustratively. "It's a golf game, but it's also laced with violence. Frylock is admitted to Jersey Pines, the very prestigious golf course in Jersey, and Shake wants to play, so he goes about ruining the course. So you actually do play golf, but you're battling the villains and some of your clubs might have a sawn-off shotgun."

There's a strong possibility that we'll see the game in Europe later this year, although Midway was unable to clarify any details, even the name. The publisher expects more information will be released around May.

If, like me, you've no idea what we're talking about, then you might want to toodle over to the Adult Swim website. It's the name of the television slot on Cartoon Network that the Aqua Teen cartoon appears in, and apparently it provides numerous laughter opportunities.

Go on.

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