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Amusement Park game for Wii

It's no use running, Ellie.

Majesco has announced Wonderworld Amusement Park for the Wii, developed by Coyote Console.

Yes, it's another mini-games compilation, this time offering "a fully 3D world of games, rides and prizes across multiple themed areas that players can explore with personalised avatars".

There will be 30 different mini-games based on carnival games, according to Majesco, with four-player modes in some cases.

"In summertime, nothing is more synonymous with family fun than a day at an amusement park. In Wonderworld Amusement Park, we bring this sense of excitement and adventure to the Wii with four player support that enables the whole family to play together," said John Merchant, Majesco Europe marketing manager.

"Only the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers let us reproduce the real life thrill of these games and rides from the comfort of the living room."

We'll let you know whether we agree with all that come summer 2008 when the game is released.

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Wonderworld Amusement Park

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